Underwater exploration games – Farsky – Survival, intangible, beautiful

Farsky titlecardAtmospheric, isolating, demure

One of the quietest, slow building and exceptional experiences you will come across. Farsky runs invisible fingers down your spine and is a sobering experience every Brainiac should experience.

Underwater exploration games are few and far between. So when an experience like Farsky comes along, it leaves us wishing for more.

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Evil genius game – Mastermind: World conqueror

Mastermind World ConqurerBe Mad, be Evil, finally play as the bad guy

Mastermind: World conqueror is a brilliant example of how entertaining and unique flash and online games can be. It’s what I’d call an evil genius game, in that it is in the same vein as the game, Evil Genius.

This is one of the most entertaining flash games you can play, and if you haven’t done so already, I’d highly recommend playing it blind. You can do so at Kongregate over here. Otherwise, read on for one of the most rip roaringly funny, unique and entertaining games you can find online.

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Space station builder game – Outpost Kaloki X

Outpost Kaloki X LargeOne of the greatest gems you will ever uncover

There comes a time where, by chance, luck or a blind quirk of universal powers, that you come across something so incredible, so perfect, so indescribably amazing that it sticks in your mind like a shining beacon of hope. It sets not just an example, not just a standard, but a ‘Home’ point in your mind that instinctually pops up in your head every time you even come close to thinking about it.

Brainiacs, today it is my great pleasure to bring you one of the greatest base building games of all time.


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Recettear – Build your own item shop

Recettear an item shops tale

Build your own item shop in the most adorable way possible

Brainiacs I have a confession to make. One of the biggest reasons this beautiful little game has made it here today is it’s pure, squee inducing adorableness. Not only do you build your own item shop in this absolutely charming twist on the RPG genre, but the entire art style, direction, soundtrack, character cast and list of minute details seems to have been created to wrap you in the softest of fluffs and make you smile.

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