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Have you ever been strangely addicted to base building games? Whether they’re free, paid, flash or PC based, or anything as long as they give you that creative fix? Then you’ve come to the right place. Forge base is here specifically because of our love of base building games. Whether they’re stand alone, just an element or mechanic in another genre of game, or a style of gameplay not even considered by the designers, we love them, and want to share them with you.


‘Base building’ can be a relatively loose term. Usually you would think of a real time strategy game, building up military bases, placing buildings, gun turrets, carefully planning out your bases’ layout to protect yourself from enemy attack. But let me propose an alternate base building game you might not have considered before, Cookie Clicker. The wildly popular cookie clicker spawned a whole new genre’ (simply known as Clicker or Idle games) and while they bear almost no resemblance to what you might consider base building games, they have more in common than you might think.

Cookie clicker Infinite Score

Cookie clicker, taken to the logical extreme

While mechanically they are very different, they share the same sort of spirit. You are working to gain resources, so you can build additional things to help you earn more to help you build more. Clickers might distill this core aspect of base building and take it to it’s logical extreme, they are still considered, by Brainiacs standards, as base building games.


And such is the purpose of this site. To help you, dear Brainiac, to find the base building games you find most enjoyable. To help you discover all the hidden gems that personally appeal to you, even if you don’t enjoy real time strategies or any one genre or play style.


Allow me to bring another odd example to your attention. From the same, out-of-left-field, cult hit place as cookie clicker, Viscera cleanup detail. The….space janitor simulator….no, really, and even more surprising? It’s good! Keep your eyes out for the full article, but the crux of it is, even a game with no ‘building’ whatsoever, is in fact, a base building game.


Though it may not seem like it, when you have a large number of blood splattered, bullet filled, burnt and broken rooms. When the task of cleaning the whole place up seems so overbearing and beyond your scope. And you decide to systematically and methodically clear out one room at a time, returning them to their absolutely pristine state anyway, and loose yourself in your work. Only to then stand back, see how all your small efforts have amassed into one beautiful, shiny, clean space station, and feel that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. That is the spirit of base building games. And it is this spirit, across all genres and platforms, in all it’s wonderful, varied flavors, that forge base is dedicated to bringing to you.


And let’s be honest. Who hasn’t wanted their own cookie pusheen or floppy space mop?

Viscera Cleanup Detail Mop Squad

Viscera cleanup detail mop squad


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  1. Gail Hope Media says:

    I’ve not heard of base building games before. The Minecraft popup that I saw on the cover of that book (Guinness World Records) made me think of my son’s fanatic with that game. As times have changed so much from the days of Space Invaders and Pac Man and Donkey Kong (the best!!) I’m amazed at what’s out there.

    Also, I’m looking at this on my iPhone. It was a bit difficult to hit the X button to close out the popup so I could read your page. If there’s a way to reduce the size that may help, thanks!!

    • Main Brain says:

      Glad to hear it Gail, thanks for your comment. Yes the Guinness book of world records gamers edition is a bookI actually own and am just, quite frankly, happy it exists 😀

      So if your tastes are like this brain, there’s a chance you’d like that to. The 2016 version has a massive minecraft section. Both you and your son have great taste. I used to play minecraft so much I would get literal withdrawal symptoms, and your appreciation for the retro is inspired.

      And thank you for the heads up. I’ve changed the popup so now you can tap anywhere to close it.

  2. Raymond says:

    So that’s what you call that kind of game genre. But I am just speculating. Is playing the game starcraft or civilization considered as base building? I am sure many would agree

    Anyhow, it is indeed odd to see a first person cleanup game to be included as that kind of genre. But looking at the picture you provided shows that you have people to do your bidding in keeping the whole place tidy.

    • Main Brain says:

      Absolutely! Starcraft (both 1& 2) is one of my favorite RTSs and civilization is argueably the most iconic grand strategy games along with the Total war series and Sins of a Solar Empire. All these games definitely meet the criteria of base building games and have a good chance of getting covered on here at some point.

  3. Jon says:

    I have to confess… i am a base building game addict!

    Glad i found your site to comment, love the idea!
    I have never heard of cookie clicker or the space janitors before lol, they look funny.

    I have gone to the cookie clicker website and its bit confusing but I’m sure others will get their head around it. Do you know of any new titles coming soon? Maybe a ‘coming soon’ section will entice more visitors to ‘check in’.

    P.S. i might actually get that guinness world records book for a mate. Nice plug!

    Keep up the good work


    • Main Brain says:

      Well John, if base building is your thing, you’ve come to the right place!
      Though they both have cult followings in their own right, the vast majority of people, and even Gamers, haven’t either. You’ve highlighted our reason for being here perfectly, to bring the hidden gems of building games to those who will enjoy them most, glad to have you on board.
      The original cookie clicker was actually designed by a french programmer who never expected it to gain the traction it did. Though he’s clearly not a graphic designer and the UI is a bit cluttered, his accomplishment of pretty much spawning a whole new genre has been quite impressive.
      That is an excellent suggestion. I’ve written it down in my notepad for future reference, thank you for your support.
      Ah, I am very glad you enjoyed it. I always like to show things appropriate to my fellow Brainiacs interests. I personally love this book, and chances are if your tastes are the same as mine (and if you’re here there’s a good chance of that) you’ll love it to. I hope to never spam my Brainiacs with such irrelevant drool as to how to lose belly fat in one week while still eating, everyone already knows the answer to that. A solid titanium chassis upgrade.

  4. Kevin Lim says:

    This game is totally awesome! Spent half an hour playing this game. Please introduce more of this kind of games. I have played similar games like Bitcoin Billionaire and Tap Titan. I guess I have a new game to play when I want to kill time. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next post!

  5. […] Funnily enough, Artix Entertainment actually teamed up with the creators of cookie clicker to make Adventure Quest Dragons (I’ve touched on cookie clicker before in this post) […]

  6. […] Funnily enough, Artix Entertainment actually teamed up with the creators of cookie clicker to make Adventure Quest Dragons (I’ve touched on cookie clicker before in this post) […]

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  9. EddieHCarmen says:

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