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Hello my fellow Brainiac, and welcome, to ForgeBase Brainius


You may call me, the Main-Brain, or MainBrain for short. You’re about to learn why you’re here, why I’m here, and what this place is about.

So, why are we here…

Well, have you ever had that odd urge, that strange satisfaction from or that unusual impulse to, create? A nebulous, indistinct feeling that you need to make….SOMETHING, anything, just to get your hands in, or get down and dirty, losing yourself for a few hours putting something together, and at the end of it, when your brain is fried, when your body is sore and you realise you were supposed to eat three hours ago, to just stand back, and appreciate the progress you have made? Then that is why you are here, and by extension, why I am here.


My strange habit…

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been playing games. And for as long as I’ve been playing games, I’ve had a strange way of playing certain games. See, whenever I had the option to customise an aspect of my character, my troops, my play style, I’ve always thrown myself into that particular aspect of the game with reckless abandon. Even when the developers never really factored in personal taste, I always tried to make the game reflect my personality. In starcraft or command and conquer, I always had my foot soldiers build themselves bunkers, take cover, and await orders. Even if it served no strategic value (or, in most cases, made it actively harder to ‘win’) I’d place them where I’d want them to be placed if I had to spend any amount of time in them.

Of course I’m building my bunker next to this stream, if I was here, I’d want something to drink. Naturally this Battle Base is being deployed on the edge of a cliff, it’ll have better range that way. Yes I am going to spend the next few hours positioning, positioning and re-positioning individual Space Marines to patrol along the walls of my fortress, that’s so they’ll be able to see the enemy coming and sound the alarm. I’m sure all my hard childhood work won’t come completely undone the moment a hungry Mutalisk comes along.

Of course, there were those times I’d rush all my troops up to surround that one stealth unit, and watch them get destroyed,one by one. All the while screaming “What is wrong with you, it’s right there! I can see it! Shoot the shimmer, SHOOT THE SHIMMER!”

Long before I understood the mechanics of games, knew about spawning or rendering, I used to play games by the rules of their lore, and what I thought they should be able to see, what they should be able to hear, and what they should be able to do.


Building is Expressing

So maybe it’s not always advantageous to surround your base with walls. Maybe it makes no difference to group the items in your shop together by type. And sure I don’t always need to go for the treehouse when it’s even slightly possible. But they make me feel safer, I like to think they could be convinced to buy my freshly forged mace if it’s on display next to the sword they wanted, and I just really like treehouses!

The point is, I have always loved expressing myself through these types of games, playing the way I like to play, doing things that don’t make sense from a gameplay perspective but that I like to imagine makes a difference. And that is the core of why I am here. I have, my entire life, searched out, stumbled across, or fell into various games, across all mediums and platforms, that allow me to express my creativity, to let my effort reflect me, and how I would do things, were I actually in the game itself.

From the big well knowns, to those rare, hidden gems buried under so much shale. I have been lucky enough to find these amazing experiences. And to date, I have never come across a place that shares my passion the same way I feel it. So I am here for me, and you. Because if you have ever had that creative itch, but can’t draw, play an instrument, or  embroider a beanie, but have always found a sense of satisfaction and contentment in building up your own working, well designed, logical and beautiful base, this is for you.

I want to find a game that is exactly what you want, that allows you to do all the things you have always wanted to do. Then when you have had your fill, I want to show you other games similar to your interests for you to play. And do that again and again, till you have played games you’d never heard of, genres you’d never had an interest in or written off as ‘not for you’, and have a go to zen spot no matter what mood you’re in. I want to help you build, I want to help you create, and I want to help you to explore.

And that, my fellow Brainiac, is why I created…



And for all you Brainiacs who are busting their jars with questions, comments or issues, you can reach me at: mainbrain@forgebase.com