Underwater exploration games – Farsky – Survival, intangible, beautiful

Farsky titlecardAtmospheric, isolating, demure

One of the quietest, slow building and exceptional experiences you will come across. Farsky runs invisible fingers down your spine and is a sobering experience every Brainiac should experience.

Underwater exploration games are few and far between. So when an experience like Farsky comes along, it leaves us wishing for more.

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Train your dragon game – Hiccup would be proud

Adventure Quest Dragons TitleRaise your own baby dragons into their Epic adulthood

One of the most beautiful idle games you can get for Android or IOS, Adventure Quest Dragons has you starting off with a single dragon egg, and by the end of it, having your own Dragon Army.

The variety and quality of designs on display are amazing, and somehow manages to both break the traditional fantasy trappings, and also stick to traditional ground you are already familiar with. You have your standard Fire dragon, Ice dragon and such, but you also see many more you may not have even thought of. Such as Tyrath the Smoke dragon, Rivensylth the Fairy dragon, Terrorbyte the Clockwork dragon (my personal favorite) and Krumblor the……Cookie dragon…

Those are just some of the dragons available that I chose to show how varied and unexpected the designs get in this train your dragon game. Not to mention that every dragon is just dripping with personality (sometimes literally) and crafted with such love and attention to detail. And the puns, oh lord in a jar, how Artix Entertainment love their puns.

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Evil genius game – Mastermind: World conqueror

Mastermind World ConqurerBe Mad, be Evil, finally play as the bad guy

Mastermind: World conqueror is a brilliant example of how entertaining and unique flash and online games can be. It’s what I’d call an evil genius game, in that it is in the same vein as the game, Evil Genius.

This is one of the most entertaining flash games you can play, and if you haven’t done so already, I’d highly recommend playing it blind. You can do so at Kongregate over here. Otherwise, read on for one of the most rip roaringly funny, unique and entertaining games you can find online.

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Space station builder game – Outpost Kaloki X

Outpost Kaloki X LargeOne of the greatest gems you will ever uncover

There comes a time where, by chance, luck or a blind quirk of universal powers, that you come across something so incredible, so perfect, so indescribably amazing that it sticks in your mind like a shining beacon of hope. It sets not just an example, not just a standard, but a ‘Home’ point in your mind that instinctually pops up in your head every time you even come close to thinking about it.

Brainiacs, today it is my great pleasure to bring you one of the greatest base building games of all time.


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Recettear – Build your own item shop

Recettear an item shops tale

Build your own item shop in the most adorable way possible

Brainiacs I have a confession to make. One of the biggest reasons this beautiful little game has made it here today is it’s pure, squee inducing adorableness. Not only do you build your own item shop in this absolutely charming twist on the RPG genre, but the entire art style, direction, soundtrack, character cast and list of minute details seems to have been created to wrap you in the softest of fluffs and make you smile.

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Base Building Games

Forge Base Banner

ForgeBase, for those who love to build.

Base building games – They’re what we’re about!

Have you ever been strangely addicted to base building games? Whether they’re free, paid, flash or PC based, or anything as long as they give you that creative fix? Then you’ve come to the right place. Forge base is here specifically because of our love of base building games. Whether they’re stand alone, just an element or mechanic in another genre of game, or a style of gameplay not even considered by the designers, we love them, and want to share them with you.

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Boom Beach – Big Badda Base Building

Boom Beach Loading ScreenLet’s start with a BANG!

To kick off our inaugural post, let’s begin with a very competent, long lasting, addictive mobile game.

Mobile games have such huge potential to satisfy that base building creative urge all us Brainiacs feel. You can take them anywhere, immediately start playing, and have the play sessions fit around any activity you’re doing. You only have to load the app and play for a few seconds to collect your resources and you’ve accomplished enough for the next few hours.


But they also need to be able to hold up for extended play sessions. This is where the pedigree of Boom Beach’s developer, Supercell really comes into it. Creators of another little app you may have heard of, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is up to the task of keeping you occupied for a good 20-30 minute play session.

Being one of the more popular apps on the app store also means there’s no shortage of strategy guides, clone apps, and bootleg lego minifigs. Bringing with it a large and active playerbase.

But how’s the base building?

The core gameplay revolves around building up a small military base on your own little tropical island. Taking place in an archipelago, you discover the Black Guard are invading neighboring islands and enslaving the inhabitants for…….well, because they’re evil I suppose. Continue reading →